Guest Comments

“When I think back on my days with OohLaLaFrance, I am so grateful to you for just having everything planned for me. It really was the epitome of vacations when I didn’t have to worry about a single thing. Language, schedule, travel, directions, planning….all were done for us and that really made it such a treat. The entire experience with you was delightful.”    Kathy, Iowa 

“I have to say that you went out of your way to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. It was like a home away from home, and that is what was so nice about the apartments, and specifically your staying on the property and taking such good care of us – the breakfast, coffee, goody baskets, wine and champagne – all fabulous!  Loved all the evenings too because they all offered something unique and fabulous food. And hey – you forgot the canoeing! WAAY too much fun. That was a great way to see the area from a unique perspective, and quite the opportunity for a LOT of laughs.”  Carolyn,  Chicago

“Everything was fabulous! I loved the ratio that you put together for us. It was a perfect mix, but you knew when to tweak it for us as well!! I will always cherish my Ooh La La trip and my memories and my girls! I can’t wait to plan part 2 sometime in the near future.” Cindy, Texas

“Overall you get 5*** from me. The time spent with you was informative. Delicious, great new friendships were made. With the only decisions needed to be made: “What to wear and what time to get up in order to “catch the bus”. I will definitely be back!”  Robin, Iowa