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Bring your best friends to France. Experience together the culture, sites, history, and culinary delights of the quiet valley of the Dronne River.

Ooh la la France offers a place and the time for you and 5 of your favorite people to relax, laugh, and create new shared memories.  Your group will be our only group for a week of exploring one small part of pastoral France.

Small and rural as the Dronne river valley is, it is rich in history and culture. You will see 20,000 year-old cave art, medieval castles and villages, Renaissance chateaux, meet culinary artisans and vintners and dine in some very special restaurants and cafes.  All of this and you will return each evening to your home base – a beautifully, comfortably converted 18th century stable.

Set on a vast plane overlooking the Dronne river and surrounded by the quiet French countryside, this will be the home you can really “come home” to. The spacious apartments have kitchens for those that might want to have fun with cooking after trips to the open air markets.  (Or simply for those that want control over when they get their cup of coffee in the morning!)

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Days will be built around a casual pace of site-seeing and wonderful lunches.  Sit back and enjoy the ride, we’ll do the driving.

Evenings will be all about good food, fine wine, and just you and your friends.

Remember the last time you sat around and laughed and laughed with a great group of friends. You made fun of your daily events, you marveled at the passing years and you dreamed of adventures yet to be had. Ooh La La France is the perfect way to fulfill that dream.

Organize a group of 5 friends(6 places in total. 4 person minimum) to join you on a relaxed and yet stimulating adventure in France. Gather together friends from book group, college friends, morning walking group, or family. All those friends that know how to enjoy one another, relish new experiences, and love the finer things of life.

Gather up a gang! Let's go out and make some memories.

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